Go Nextcloud Talk Library Release
Announcing the Go Nextcloud Talk library
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SAS Powerschool Enhancement Suite has a new maintainer
SAS Powerschool Enhancement Suite, its history, and its new maintainer
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Personal F-Droid Repository
Making a personal F-Droid Android app repository
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Scrapdash - Hack & Roll 2020
What our team made at the Hack & Roll 2020 Hackathon: Scrapdash
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Constructions with Manim

Just a few fun constructions made in Manim. Manim (Math Animation Engine) is an animation engine for explanatory math videos made by 3Blue1Brown (Grant Sanderson) and available under the MIT license.

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First Post
Initial commit. This is my personal blog. This blog is unlikely to ever have anything interesting but if you want to visit it occasionally for whatever reason, thank you.